Mystery Mix 016 - July 2005

Kelvin Andrews

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Frank Bough, Lemmy, Jonathan Wilkes, Bruno Brookes, Nick Hancock.... The names trip off the tongue, these megalithic mythic mega stars of the Potteries-based firmament. And here's another one, too: Kelvin Andrews. Let no man put asunder, we say! What area - nay, country! - could boast such intellectual finery as this? And Kelvin... Kelvin, the greatest of them all; a God among mortals, mug-makers and ceramic-manipulators. A DJ, whose tap dancing skills won him the coveted Burslem Gay Footworker blue ribbon in 1995. More than a DJ, a producer, a remixer, a Port Vale supporter, a polymath, a polyglot, a polygon, a polly-put-the-kettle-on. More than any of that. He makes records. He puts them on. Such verve, vim, vigour. A man of taste, a man of this age, of any age, of all ages, ageless yet timeless. A DJ.


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