What's going on here then...?

The Mystery Mix Revox A700

Congratulations. You've stumbled across MysteryMix.com – the official rest home for a cracking series of mixes that first appeared on DJHistory.com. We’re currently re-presenting the first 77 editions, spanning the period March 2004 to September 2010.

Created by a diverse band of musical free-thinkers, using only the choicest sonic ingredients, these mixes were originally served up without track-listings – hence the mystery element. After countless hours of head-scratching and beard-stroking, most of the tracks have now been identified – good news for your musical knowledge, bad news for your wants-list.

Enjoying them? Got any questions? Let us know at mail@mysterymix.com

...or better still, hop over to the DJHistory Forum where the resident vinyl archaeologists love to chat about this sort of thing until the cows come home (possibly longer).

Oh and there’s new Mystery Mixes over there too...