Mystery Mix 001 - March 2004

Bill Brewster

01. Ralph Lundsten - Discophrenia (taken from Discophrenia LP) (Harvest/EMI Svenska)
02. Rhythm - Slow Funk (Part 1) (taken from Rhythm LP) (RCA) (06:36)
03. Tim Maia - All I Want (taken from Sossego LP) (09:53)
04. Sky - Skyjackin' (Soul Unlimited 7-inch) (13:10)
05. Spaghetti Head - Funky Axe (B-side to Big Noise From Winnetka) (RCA 7-inch) (16:20)
06. Jesse Rae - Rusha (Columbia 12-inch) (18:26)
07. Addis Ababa - Zaffar (Lenar 7-inch) (23:46)
08. Undisputed Truth - UFO´s (taken from Cosmic Truth LP) (Gordy) (27:07)
09. Sadistic Mika Band - Sumie No Kuni E (taken from Sadistic Mike Band LP) (Harvest) (30:38)
10. John Martyn - Dealer Version (B-side to Dancing)

(Island 7-inch) (34:04)
11. Kip Hanrahan - Two (Still In Half Light) (taken from A Few Short Notes From The End Run) (American Clavé) (39:02)
12. Al Sharp - Keep On Poking (Solid 12-inch) (45:34)
13. The Tymes - To the Max(imum) (taken from Tymes Up LP) (RCA) (50:02)
14. The Advancement - Moorish Mode (taken from The Advancement LP) (Philips) (54:27)

Bill Brewster was found under a stone in the village of Holton-Le-Clay somewhere around the 15th century. He has been variously a gravedigger, insurance salesman, blacksmith and cotton weaver. Nowadays, he is a professional racing driver. On his days off, he walks among the daffodils, his hair flowing freely in the wind and recites poetry to the blackbirds. He also DJs and collects records. This mix is the first in a series of DJ History Mystery Mixes and contains no additives, preservatives (or conservatives). No animals were intentionally harmed during its production.

Warning: this mix may contain progressive rock.