Mystery Mix 002 - April 2004

Rhythm Doctor

>00.00 unknown artists - bongo,backra & coolie (ethnic folkways)
>02.06 l.b.bad - just dont stop (bassment)
>05.21 exuma & the junk band - junkanoo (mercury)
>08.13 roots - flute dance (rkb)
>13.42 julito collazo y su grupo afro-cuban - emi ra obini le wa (new world)
>19.20 nafi - freddies fever/the hutch dubs (rum)
>24.13 the detonators - lift off (special request)
>28.07 randy weston - uhuru kwanza pt 1 (roulette jazz)
>30.44 new -ro - music trance (hit'n'run)
>35.48 debby blackwell - once you got me going (dub) (jump street)
>41.01 octavia - i need you (new image)
>45.41 jaime moralez - whatcha doin' (enuff)
>52.33 mike perras - keep movin' (bassic)
>56.43 talena mix - feel my body (happy soul)
>60.25 the king m.a.t.e. - 2 nu 4 u (bass boy)
>63.23 larri - house music (electric ice)
>66.36 subri moulin & his equatorial rhythm group - asiwanda (olympic)
>68.40 grupo de experimentacion sonora icaic - danzaria (egrem)
>69.10 ernest ranglin, bertie king & baba motta - solas market (texaco)

Born & raised in brum. misspent youth: on the terraces at villa park, saving up for tighten up vol 2 & later caravan 'if i could do it all...', arguing with mom over flares & black people, as pre teen 'selector' for youth club discos, strutting in sta-prest - transforming to soft rocker in cheesecloth, listening to erskine t on brmb & robbie vincent on radio 1. young man:, rebelling at art school, dancing feverishly to the inspirational mike horseman at shoop shoop, a swinging 2 tone cat, selling vinyl, djing & running clubs, cohort of bazz fe jazz on the all dayer scene. pushing 30: many nights spent underground at the 3A's shelton st, the dungeons lea bridge rd. fitness centre, thrale st. & 'feel real' at the gardening club, pirate on fantasy fm. groove records vinyl flogger pushing 40: jet setting dj, ending up in estonia where i am now looking out over a beautiful sunny spring day in tallinn...dreaming of villa park, pushing 50...


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