Mystery Mix 005 - July 2004

Greg Belson

01. Louise Huebner - Introduction To The Gods
02. Batdorf & Rodney - Farm
03. Hard Meat - Smile As You Go Under
04. The Road Home - So You Want To Be A Woman
05. Hard Meat - Freewheel
06. Danny Woods - Try On My Love For Size
07. Black Ivory - I Keep Asking You Questions
08. Ronnie McNeir - My Love Is Comin' Down
09. H.P. Riot - I Have Changed
10. Spaceark - Sweet Hitch Hiker
11. Hugo Montenegro - What's Going On
12. Malone & Barnes - Road Man
13. The G.T.'s - Watoosi Lucy
14. Orchestra Julian - Do It With Class
15. The G.T.'s - Get Down
16. Boogaloo Joe Jones - Brown Bag
17. Bobby Jackson's Cafe - Paul's AKR
18. Kim Weston - The Beat Goes On
19. Rhetta Hughes - Like Young
20. Jean Dushon - Early One Morning

A native of the leafy suburbs of Sarf West London, or that thriving hub of activity called Surrey, Greg has spent most of his teenage/adult years ferreting and pilfering the record shops in most of the States of America. It was more a rebellious kick against the music endured during those school years; you either had to be a boffin, into Heavy Metal or embrace the Street Sounds Electro comps as your salvation. Electro it was and Afrika Bambaataa was God! The early days of hip hop had arrived and so had the weekly ritual of breakdancing at the Walton Hop. So at 12 years of age, he developed a rather large appetite for the breaks - you've heard the story before, it's a familiar path.

Fast forward there and suffice to say that the passion blossomed into DJing, now in his 16th year. Into production work - signed as The Hightower Set, recording for Bob Jones' Black on Black label, as Appleseed for Kingsize Records, as Native Soul for a period of time and as a producer for various other labels. And into what some would say, 'compulsive buying'. He would say not. A very selective chap whose rule of thumb is 'quality not quantity' even though over the years it's become more quality and quantity.

Here's a selection of tracks that explain where he's at, minus the trawl into his 45s record box - it would have made for a very obscure mystery mix! A dabble with the odd, a dose of funk rock, a pinch of soul funk, a large batch of funkity funk, some soul jazz, and a hefty hit of jazzin' vocals. So one afternoon, in Sur
rey, with the amp turned to 11... this is what happened.


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