Mystery Mix 006 - August 2004

Matthew Burgess

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11 (Trailer mix) (Parlophone)
Kazino - Binary (Carrere)
Savage Progress - Hip Parade (Virgin)
Strike One - Can't Mix Me Anymore (Elite)
Risco Connection - Reggae Music (version) (Jap bootleg)
Marianne Faithfull - Sex With Strangers (Sly & Robbie dub) (Hut)
Transvolta - You're Disco (Pinnacle)
Modern Trouble - Fly To Moscow (inst) (Chic)
Risan - Eastern Palace (Rappers Mix) (Saffron)
Teen Rock - Make Up Your Mind (Men-O-Vision)
Imagination - New Dimension (acca)
TT Sotto - Chorus Line (Sterling Gold)
Dave Howard Singers - Yon Yonson (Hallelujah)
Natasha King - AM PM (bonus break) (Ecstasy)
Baby DC - Bounce Skate Rock Roll (Inst) (Zomba)
Bunny Wailer - Back To School (Solomonic)
Amaziah - Slowly (Sonrise)
John Schroeder Orch - Freedom Village (Marble Arch)
Tom Tom Club - Spooks (Sire)
Nancy Boy - Johnny Chrome and Silver (Equator)
Ulfuls - Guts (Harvey dub) (Toshiba EMI Japan)
Clor - Welcome Music Lovers (EMI)
Ultravox - Herr X (Chrysalis)
Exotica Maximus - Paint It Black (MVM)
Paul Brookes - Steps From Beyond pt 2 (State)
Vanessa Paradis - Paradis (Remark)
Lee Hazlewood - You Look Like A Lady (LHI)

Matthew Burgess originally started life as a pot of clotted cream. Thanks to the wonders of nano-genetics and wishful thinking, he was converted to human form, but as a terrible consequence of this experiment he also ended up with an all-consuming record habit that has blighted his life ever since. He has worked as an astronaut, ballet dancer, and latterly, a TV producer. He recently gave it all up to become an impoverished DJ. In his spare time, he traces leaves and paints them with car paint. He is always available for bookings and leaf collecting.


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