Mystery Mix 010 - December 2004

Foolish Felix

00.00 Anyway You Want It - Mystic Moods
02:50 Indian Love Melody - Georges Rodi
05:49 Trash's Theme - SSQ
08:14 Name It - Kid Creole
11:35 Pumpin You Is So Easy - P-Funk Allstars
17:07 Enter-State - Keynotes
22:32 Don't I know You - Redux
25:15 I Depend On You -Two Tons of Fun
30:17 We Move - Visage
36:26 Sesame Street - Blow Fly
38:49 Happy To See You Again - Graham Central Station
39:03 Final Signal - Space
43:37 The Speed Of Sound - Alan Hawkshaw
46:08 Dancin Inner Space - Contact- U
51:12 Slow Down - Patsy
55:05 Running - Hamilton Bohannon

Felix started life as Forgetful on account of the amount of times he went to school in his slippers. But, by the age of 16, he had earned the tag Falafel Felix because of his skill with Middle Eastern snack-based foods. By his early 20s, he had metamorphosed into Foolish Felix, after DJing in his slippers while eating Middle Eastern snack-based foods once too often. The name has remained ever since. Felix, foolish or otherwise, has been around a while. He did the lights at Harvey's Moist, helped move the speakers of the Tonka sound system (but only when they needed moving, mind). Subsequent to this, he has collaborated with DIY, evaded the long (and short) arm(s) of the law, and been a regular DJ at Joint in Brighton and Life Force in Japan and India. As Foolish & Sly, he was jointly responsible for the best vocal house record of 2004 in Come A Little Closer. This is what he sounds like when he's playing records.


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