Mystery Mix 013 - April 2005

Bruce Tantum

1) Ché - Be My (Powerstation) - Logarhythm (1986)
2) Boogie Boys - A Fly Girl - Capitol (1985)
3) Nuance - Loveride - 4th & B'way (1984)
4) Hanson & Davis - Tonight (Love Will Make it Right) - Fresh Records (1985)
5) Claudja Berry - Hot to the Touch - Epic (1987)
6) Juicy - Beat Street Strut - Atlantic (1984)
7) Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl - Atlantic (1986)
8) Special Forces - Stroke It - Salsoul (1982)
9) Chocolate - It's that Easy Street Beat - Atlantic (1985)

Bruce Tantum is the mack daddy, the Diddiest of the Diddy Men and an all-round all-rounder of the roundest order. Like The Boss, he was born in the USA and also still lives there. A doyen of the East Village before it was taken over by pod people from the Planet Dawson's Creek, he is still fighting a rearguard battle to ensure the freaks stay in control of downtown New York. He is also Time Out New York club editor and a fine DJ, as anyone who has seen him spin at Low Life will attest, and a jolly good egg. Enjoy it while you can, it's later than you think.


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