Mystery Mix 015 - June 2005

Phil Mison

01. no man - in the trees
02. ashra - oasis
03. pat metheny - last train home
04. santana - aqua marine
05. bassheads - all over the world
06. lighthouse family- question of faith ( idjut boys mix)
07. sth notional - feel the rain
08. guy cuevas - obsession ( f.k mix)
09. gil scott heron - angola louisiana
10. audio for movement - hymn of praise
11. blu mar ten - wah me
12. laurie anderson - white lily philarmonic - sky ride
14. beach boys - the trader
15. dancing fantasy- midnight boulevard
16. jack nitzsche - starman

Phil Mison was born behind a milk crate sometime last week. He grew up very quickly and by the weekend was already working on his father's trousers. He comes from Essex, land of the hobbit, purple cheese and wishful thinking. Early every morning, Phil gets on to his float and delivers milk to all the pensioners in Willesden. This he has done for several days. He's generous to a fault. When he finishes, he goes home and polishes his records. They are the shiniest records in Britain, according to the Guinness Book Of Records. Phil is so Balearic, he's actually shaped like a flamenco guitar and his middle name is Flaco.


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