Mystery Mix 022 - March 2006

Pete Haigh

01. Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte (RCA)
02. Troy Keyes - If I Had My Way (Instr.) (MVP)
03. Joe Mathews - Ain't Nothin' You Can Do (Kool Kat)
04. Judy Freeman and Blackrock - Hold On (RCA)
05. Clarence Jackson - If It Don't Fit, Force It (Valtone)
06. Saxie Russell - Psychedelic Soul (Thomas)
07. Billy Sha-Rae - Do It (Action)
08. Georgie Fame - Daylight (Island)
09. Georgie Fame - You're Gone (Seville)
10. Jay & Cathys Clowns - The Bottle (SKP)
11. Glass Family - SMoke Your Troubles Away (Earhole)
12. The Investigators - Pisces Sign of the Fish (Inst.) (Andee)
13. East Village Loft Society - I Just Wanna Sing (acappella) (Black Sunshine)
14. Tony Orlando - Don't Let Go (Elektra)
15. Sister Sledge - As (Cotillion)
16. Jesse Saunders - House Music The Real Story (Jes Say)
17. Vince Montana - That's What Love Does (PSW)
18. Frank Boissy feat Roland Clark - Black Music (acappella) (Chez)
19. United Future Organisation - Listen Love (Osunlade Mix) (Brownswood)
20. Johnny Hammond - Los Conquistadores Chocolates (Dimitri Remix) (Victor)
21. Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream (acappella) (Motown)
22. Ron Hall & The Muthafunkas - The Way You Love Me (Hustle Music)
23. Karizma - 4 Da Love (acappella) (Code Red)

Pete Haigh was born in the 16th century and it is generally agreed he invented black(pool) music. He was so tall, Blackpool Tower was modelled on him and it is also believed that he is used as a satellite mast for mobile phones in the East Lancs region. He is a northern soul enthusiast and Blackpool Mecca aficionado and has so many records he lives in a house entirely constructed out of recycled Ric-Tic 45s. When he's not collecting music, he also works part-time as a donkey on Blackpool beach.


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