Mystery Mix 023 - April 2006


01. Dancing Fantasy - Voodoo Jammin`
02. Irmin Schmidt - Gesicht im Dunkel
03. Rita Coolidge - Fever
04. Dub Syndicate - Night Train
05. Bill Laswell - Worksong
06. Kajagoogoo - The garden
07. Cirque du Soleil - Gamelan (Cantoma Mix)
08. Golden Wonder - The Pharoahs
09. Flora Purim - Angels
10. Durutti Column - Messidor
11. Thim Thaler - Wetten Dass
12. Chris and Cosey - Hypnotika
13. Trinita - High Feelings
14 Osmonds - I.I.I
15. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Shogunade
16. Dan Lacksman - Flamenco Moog
17. Superimposers - Seeing is Believing

Moonboots was excavated out of the Jurassic rocks that jut proudly out of the Wigan hinterland. He was defrosted, using a hairdryer and heavy breathing, and revived thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Although he could only say 'UG' for the first ten years of his life and lived on a diet of raw woolly mammoth he showed an appreciation of 80s synth bands with worrying haircuts and Balearic tendencies, something that has remained with him ever since, along with the taste of woolly mammoth in his molars. Moonboots has never been fully integrated into normal society and now lives in sheltered accommodation for defrosted cavemen in Miles Platting.


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