Mystery Mix 024 - May 2006

Bill Brewster

01. Bill Conti - Packing Up
02. The Winners - Love Is Free
03. Antonio Carlos Jocafi - Tereza Guerreira
04. Os Famks - Labirinto
05. Orleans - Reach
06. Bullet Train - Bang Bang
07. The Sisterhood - Finland Red, Egypt White
08. Rare Earth - Love Do Me Right
09. The Troggs - Summertime
10. Alan Price - Sell, Sell, Sell (live version)
11. Cerrone - Anybody Can Do Anything
12. Tony Bruno - Chase of Death
13. Skatalites - Sealing Dub
14. Deborah & The Puerto Ricans - Side B Side A Side
15. Mohjah - Camboulay (Dub Version)
16. SuperStyleDeluxe - Oldfold
17. Ralph MacDonald - Surprize
18. Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports - I Was Wrong
19. King Harvest - Celestial Navigator

Bill Brewster was born. Now he lives, fully formed, yet strangely pert, in London, where he has been for many years. Prior to this, he lived among the fowl, fauna, flora and vole population of the north, using his pet ferrets Snowy and Scouse to forage for nuts, berries and fish and chip suppers. Now he is an internationally renowned stockbroker, he sends his children (Brewsters Minions) out to rummage for food, while he sits upon his chaise longue in the drawing room, thinking bons mots and drinking sherry in his smoking jacket. Life is good.


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