Mystery Mix 026 - July 2006

The E-Man

Camberwick Green
Stuart Gasston - You are the Sunshine of my Life

Aretha Franklin - It's Your Thing
Spunk - A Friend Ain't a Friend
White Gold - Do it to Me
Hatari - Good Vibrations
TNTH - Disaster
Rimshots - Being Down to Earth
Bloodstone - You Don't Mean Nothing
Colored Music - Foot on the Rock
Defunkt - In the Good Times
Firebolts - Everybody get down
Freedom - Know You Better
Luv - Crazy Changes
Legitime Violence - Ca Urge
The Time - Jerk Out
Chuck Brown - Keep That Same Old Feeling

Ed Griffiths was born in Weatherfield, while his mother lay on Betty Turpin's apron, the hot pot ubbling away in her oven. He grew up on a strict diet of parkin, pie and Parkinson, before moving onto pastures verdant down south. Here he discovered a taste for jellied eels and easy listeniung records. In his spare time, Ed cultivates geraniums in a window box in Peckham, while also running the website.


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