Mystery Mix 027 - August 2006

Michael Cook

01. Spirit - Guide Me
02. Japan - Wish You Were Black
03. Caldera - Coastin'
04. Captain Beefheart - Tropical Hot Dog Night
05. Eumir Deodato - Unkle Funk
06. Dimenzia - Bamba
07. Tim Maia - Terapeutica do Grito
08. Sly & The Family Stone - Trip To Your Heart
09. Ernest Saint Laurent - Line Up
10. The Dining Rooms - You
11. The Real Tuesday Weld - House of the Clerkenwell Kid
12. Fats Comet - DJ's Dream (Eat the Beat)
13. Technomania - Beats from the Forbidden Planet
14. 4/4 Project - Purple
15. Maas - Look At Me Now, Falling (I-Cube remix)
16. Novalis - Brandung
17. Spirit - Gorn Attack

Michael Cook was born in Weatherfield, just behind the Korner Kabin, some years ago. He began his career at the Rover's Return with his own night, Betty's Hot Pot, in 1965, before being whisked off to California to start acid house in 1967. Realising he'd arrived 20 years too early, he decided to start psychedelia instead before realising he'd missed that, too, by two years. To compensate he started playing records in clubs full of people dancing, something he has done quite a few times now. Some time ago, he moved back to the UK where he also plays records for people to dance to. He lives in extreme wealth near Archway.


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