Mystery Mix 028 - September 2006

Citizen Kane

intro - ambient radio noise --- material
california dreaming -- eddy hazel
get it up for love -- ned doheny
in transit - transit
spanish caravan - the doors
criollo - phil manzanera
electrified AGB -- fly away (jeff overton's edit & then my edit of that)
panache - every brother ain't a brother (my edit)
konk - your life(party remix)
full time dj - round and round
extras - haven't been funked enough (my edit)
wayne miranda - helplessly (idjut's edit & then my edit of that)
carol king - corazon
ltg - corazon (idjuts edit& my cut -n paste)
alfredo - hot to trot (harv's edit and then my edit of that)
some track on BC fuck can't remember, ( my edit)
epmd - it's time to party
esg - I wanna dance
guare - semisweet (my edit)
dj harvey - turn around (tribute to ron hardy)
dondolo - dragon ( shit robot mix)
nick chacona - the next
the stones - hip shake
mc sultan - der bauch

Citizen Kane was born in the portly village of Orson Welles, just outside of Seething Wells and Cartesian Dualism. He was originally called Rosebud but his parents, finally accepting the fact they'd had a boy, renamed him Citizen. Kane grew up among the glades, glamour and glandular fever of the East Coast of America where he presently resides. New York, New York, so good they named it twice. Citizen Kane, so good they named him, er, once.


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