Mystery Mix 029 - October 2006

DJ Cosmo

Rosicrucian Recordings - “Attaining Cosmic Consciousness”
Harvey Mandel - “Wade in the Water”
Beaver & Krause - “Saga of the Blue Beaver”
Fifty Foot Hose - “Opus 777”
David Axelrod - “Urizen”
Aksu Orkestrasi - “Bermuda Seytan Ucgeni”
Dennis Coffey - “Garden of the Moon”
Fifty Foot Hose - “For Paula”
Cymande - "Dove”
Santana - “Taboo”
Peter Green - “Tribal Dance”
Barrabas - “Fly Away”
The Enid - “Summer Stars”
Shuggie Otis - “Freedom Flight”
Tommy James - “Crystal Blue Persuasion”
Tony Schwartz - “Children and God”
Fifty Foot Hose - “God Bless the Child”

DJ Cosmo was born on the planet Venus, just west of Massachusetts, USA and south of Cambridge, England. She was raised by wolverines on a rural farm entirely staffed by pod-people. Moving to New York in the late' 80s, she discovered that Earth also contained humans, although many of them were even stranger than pod-people. She also got a filthy vinyl habit which she has never been able to shake despite psychiatric counselling and bankruptcy. She now lives in England, with a flock of electronic pigeons, a partner and daughter in rural London.


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