Mystery Mix 030 - November 2006

Steve Kotey "Mundi"

01. Richard n Willy live at the SLA skit 0.00
02. Arpdays "Spatial Reggae" 1.45
03. Bo Hansson "Waiting" 7.00
04. Can" Quantum Physics" 12.11
05. Digga Rhythm Band "razooli" 15.00
06. Sandy Nelson "Quite a beat" 17.39
07. Rythm makers" Zone" intro synth 19.31
08. Kaygees hustle with every muscle 19.48
09. Lowrell "love massage" intro edit 22.55
10. THP Orchestra "Carnival" 28.30
11. Lalo shcriffin "Quiet Village" 33.03
12. Van Mckoy "Indian warpath" 36.50
13. Friends "don't touch the sun" 41.36
14. Mandrill "Echoes in my mind" 51.10
15 Hey Disco Trevor Bastow "Disco Dive"
16. DC LA Rue "do want the real thing?" 55.11
17. Arnold and the Beestonites "Internet Party"

Steve 'Okey' Kotey was born half man, half Gooner in the boondocks of Hertfordshire. Walking from an early age, Steve walked a mile in my shoes, then walked a mile in his mum's shoes, then finally walked several miles in his own shoes. His feet are still recovering and he now suffers from permanent veruccas, carbuncles and periwinkles. Since then he has been carried around on a chariot fabricated entirely from red cards issued to Arsenal defenders. In his spare time, he plays records and runs a record label made entirely out of fuzzy felt.


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