Mystery Mix 038 - June 2007

Nick The Record

01. Intro - Mandre
02. Disco Kid - Hugh Masekela
03. Pressure - Max Edwards
04. Jones Town Massacre - Richard Ace
05. Ape Shuffle - Jeff Wayne Space shuttle
06. E.A.Rio - Sentacruz
07. Tornado - Afrocuba
08. Got To Be Real - Selection
09. I Love You Dancer - Voyage
10. Town - Minako
11. Dig It - Kasso
12. Superman - Jan Leslie Holmes
13. Rescue - Victor Vick
14. Robot Is Systematic - 'lectric Workers (x2)
15. Do Or Dance - UF Force (x2)
16. M3000 - Mandre
17. ??? it's from Thailand and it is all written in squiggly!
18. Touch Me Now - Bravo

Nick The Record was born Nick The Shellac sometime after the Great War. As a child he was fascinated with marbles and soon had the finest marble collection in all of Daventry. He progressed on to Connect 4 and, finally, in a bold move, music. He earned his name Nick The Cassette at school for his legendary taping exploits before eventually alighting upon Nick The Record, a name by which he has been known for several weeks. When he is not collecting or selling or playing records, Nick eats from them.


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