Mystery Mix 037 - May 2007

Sean Johnston

Pianonegro - Pianonegro
Love & Rockets - Ball of Confusion (US Remix)
T99 - Invisible Sensuality
Capri Kids - I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
Dub Pistols - 6 Million Ways to Live (Paul Daley Dub Mix)
Tiger Stripes - The Black Beach
Yazoo - State Farm
FGTH - Rage Hard (Young Person's Guide to the 12")
Jay Shepard - Song >From Mikeldore
John Carpenter - The Bank Robbery
Precinct 13 - Listen To Your Heartbeat (Matrix Mix)
Bleep (aka Biosphere) - The Snake
Kano - Ikeya Seki
Pierro Fidelfatti - Ocean
Raimunda Navarro - Me Gusta (Italian Mix)
Chris & Cosey - Fantastique
K Hand - Flash Back
Shriekback - Clear Trails
Agoria - Les Violins Ivres
Seduction - Seduction (Loft Reprise)
FGTH - Bang!

Sean Johnston was born in the Land of Green Ginger. He grew up among the simple people of the chilly north-east coast, where fishing jumpers are mandatory even when in the swimming pool or sauna. This taught the young Sean a valuable lesson (never wear fishing jumpers in the sauna). Eventually he moved down to the Land of Red Ginger In A Balsamic Salsa Served On A Bed Of Fricaséed Salsify, where he lives to this day. Sean is at the cutting edge of new technology, so this mix was produced using only electricity.


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