Mystery Mix 008 - October 2004

Q Burns Abstract Message

00.00 Rare Gems Odyssey - What's Funk?
02.30 Trinidad Steel Drummers - Cissy Strut
04.30 G. Keith Alexander - Sneakers
7.20 Andrew White - Who Got De Funk?
10.06 Captain Sky - Station Brake
14.10 Eddie Murphy - Boogie In Your Butt
18.57 Jimmy Castor - Amazon (acappella)
20.00 Eddy & The Soul Band - Shaft
23..48 Miroslav Vitous - New York City
27.09 Automat - The Rise, The Advance
31.13 Landscape - Norman Bates
34.03 Cabaret Voltaire - Breathe Deep
38.30 400 Blows - Groove Jumpin'
43.08 A Certain Ratio - Funky Heaven
47.04 New FADS - Big Baka (Jon Da Silva Mix)
52.25 Wire - Heartbeat
55.41 Kool Jazz Productions (Nobukazu Takemura) - Spook (Original Mix)

Q-Burns - real name Michael Donaldson - was born in a matchbox in Louisiana. A Louisiana matchbox, no less. As a child, he moved from the matchbox, gradually working his way up to a sock drawer. It was from here that the infant Q-Burns completed his formal education, becoming the first Louisianan to gain a degree while wholly living in a sock drawer. Dissatisfied with the fleshpots of Natchitoches and Lake Pontchartrain (and believe us, they are numerous), Q-Burns headed south to Florida where he is now mainly based. He took up nude fencing, competition macramé and also DJing. He has built a sterling reputation as producer and DJ and was also placed second in the recent World Macramé face-off in Singapore, recreating a pair of Technics 1200s entirely from wool. He has released several albums and is currently promoting Future Past Tense on Eighth , a collection of his remixes, some of them available in a limited edition entirely made from macramé*

*Subject to availability.


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