Mystery Mix 035 - March 2007

Jon Marsh

00.00: Dinah Shaw "Falling In Love With Love"
01.32: Dalek I Love You "Missing Fifteen Minutes"
04.27: Angel Pie "Sol"
07.42: Gabriel Yared "Gyneco Zebre"
08.18: Judy Mowatt "Stop! In The Name Of Love"
11.40: Jamiroquai "Alright (DJ Version Excursion)"
14.55: Passengers "Theme From Let's Go Native"
16.23: Jazz Butcher "The Best Way"
20.30: Anja Garbarek "Picking Up Pieces"
24.05: Bill Nelson "Rooms With Brittle Views"
27.48: Shark Vegas "You Hurt Me"
33.18: Rick James "Wonderful (Bass-A-Ful)"
35.09: Chakk "Theme"
38.06: Brian Eno "Fractal Zoom"
41.37: The Pop Group "3.44"
45.04: Wire "Ahead (III)"
47.47: Hard Corps "Je Suis Passée"
51.38: Death In Vegas "Head"
55.10: Merz "Lotus"
60.33: Psyche "Unveiling The Secret"
65.15: Finley Quaye "Red Rolled & Seen"/Me Phi Me "The Credo"
66.21: Garnett Silk "Love Is The Answer"

Jon Marsh was born in a palace made of crystal, near to the treaty of Versailles, just outside Potsdam. He realised he was young at an early age and carried on being so until he no longer was. He formed an indie group called the Beloved with his sister Jodie and they discovered acid house near the crystal palace not far from the paradise garage. They liked it and took their clothes off. Then they made some records and played records to people in public, who danced to them. Now they live in a house near a garage, behind a shop, but nowhere near a palace.


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